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T-bone Walker $10
Hansen 2001
SemiEvergreen 6" bloom,
31" height Mid Late Season

While you're waiting, DID YOU KNOW?  Mulching, hoeing, or a pre-emergent seed herbicide will control weeds.

DID YOU KNOW?  Grass herbicides can be used anytime the grass is actively growing without harming the daylilies.

Tahoe Snow Blizzard $20
Gossard 2006 Rebloom
Evergreen 10" bloom,
55" height Mid Season

Take Me Along $18
Woodhall 2001 Rebloom Fragrant
6" bloom, 40" height
Mid Late Season Tetraploid

Take My Hand $8
Shooter 1995 Rebloom
5.5" bloom, 23" height
Mid Season Diploid

Talk About Ruffles $10
Carpenter 1993 Rebloom
Fragrant Evergreen
6.5" bloom, 22" height
Early Mid Season Diploid

Tears Forever;$25
Marlatt 2016
6" bloom, 36" height
Mid Season Tetraploid

Tennessee Flycatcher $5
Harris 1992 Fragrant
Evergreen Spider
10" bloom, 34" height
Early Mid Season Diploid

Terry Lyninger $12 SINGLE FAN
Carpenter 2003 Rebloom
Applique Evergreen
5.5" bloom, 24" height
Early Season Diploid

Texas Feathered Fancy $30 SINGLE FAN
Carpenter 2006 Rebloom BiTone Fragrant Dormant
5.25" bloom, 20" height
Mid Season Diploid

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