In 2014, a couple visited our garden and were picking out varieties that had special meaning to
them personally.  It gave us the idea to put together some ideas for theme gardens.  Here's some
ideas, or put together some that have special meaning to you.  
DAYLILY THEME GARDENS listed below by cultivar name  
All in the Family My Heroes  
Around the World Native Americans  
Birds of a Feather Nature's Wonders  
By the Light of the Moon Notorious  
Candyland On the Wings of a Butterfly  
Cheers Out of the Blue  
Dawn til Dusk Out to Sea  
Down on the Farm Romance and Red Roses  
Flying High Seasons in the Sun  
From Sea to Shining Sea The Sound of Music  
Fruit Snacks They Rule the World  
Hugs and Kisses To God Be the Glory  
If You're Happy and You Know It Touched by an Angel  
Lace and Ruffles Winter Wonderland  
Milky Way    
All in the Family Fruit Snacks Out of the Blue
Cousin Jean Apple peaches pumpkin pie Baby blue eyes
Family reunion Banana split cupcake Big blue
Gram's dream Blackjack cherry Blue eyed bandit
Grandfather time Blueberry muffin Blue mountains
Holiday happiness Cherrystone Monday morning blues
Mama Joe Going bananas Sings the blues
Mother's melody Happy apple Prairie blue eyes
  Nectarine True blue heart
Around the World Painted peach  
African diplomat Raspberry splash Out to Sea
Aztec headdress Ruffled apricot Double conch shell
Baja Ruffled strawberry parfait Mini pearl
Bangkok bay Tangarine sunset Mynelles starfish
Caribbean David Elkins   Oceans eleven
Inca puzzle Hugs and Kisses Oyster stew
Ireland Big kiss Puffer fish
Latin rhythm Bug's hug Reflections in water
Mandalay Bay music Cheek to cheek Royal water
Persian ruby Diamond anniversary Spacecoast sea shells
Persian shrine Diamond in the rough Spiny sea urchin
Sea of Cortez Gold kissed  
South Seas Jenny's kisses Romance and Red Roses
Taj Mahal Tropical love Better than ever
    Cheek to cheel
Birds of a Feather If You're Happy and You Know It Classic romance
Asian fairy bluebird Happy apple Diamond anniversary
Baltimore oriole Happy returns Heart melting
Black falcon Holiday happiness Hearts and flowers
Blue winged warbler Laugh and sing Just my type
Crows feet Laughing out loud Lipstick traces
Sapsucker Smilin' Cindy Red romance
Screech owl   Ruffled valentine
Seagull Lace and Ruffles Take my hand
Tweety Antique linen Tropical love
  Beaded shawl Woodside romance
Wren's song Brocaded gown Young love
  Chicago petticoats  
By the Light of the Moon Frosted velvet Seasons of the Sun
Evening mirage Party lace Enchanted autumn
Evening rose Party pinafore Fall frolic
Midnight dynamite Patchwork puzzle Joy of spring
Moon over Monteray Prissy frills Lazy summer days
Moonlit masquerade Rags to riches Regency summer
Moonlit pearls Red ribbons Siberian summer
Night beacon Righteous remnant Sprinkled with springtime
Night dreams Royal fashion  
Night embers Ruffles elegante The Sound of Music
Night rapture Shirred lace Music man
Seize the night Starched white Piano man
Stars shall fall Stitched in gold Russian ragtime
  Talk about ruffles Russian rhapsody
Candyland   Sings the blues
Andy candy Milky Way  
Awesome candy Dark star To God Be the Glory
Candy from heaven Drops of Jupiter A day of rest
Custard candy Diamond star halo Arms to heaven
Huckleberry candy I see stars By the golden rule
Raspberry candy Jade star Clothed in glory
Spacecoast cotton candy Shining star Go tell it on the mountain
Strawberry candy Somewhere out there God's Mercy
Sungold candy Spaceocast starburst Heavens rejoice
Wineberry candy Star enchantment His Lordship
  Star of fantasy In His image
Cheers Star of Patmos Make room for miracles
Double bourbon Stars shall fall Moses fire
Double tequila bunny Thank your lucky stars Parting the Red Sea
Raspberry wine   Praying for miracles
Summer wine My Heroes Sacred way
Topguns double winemeister Admiral's flagship Simply divine
Vintage wine American Revolution Spiritual corridor
Wild wine Canadian border patrol Stairway to heaven
  Dreams of heroes Very faithful
Dawn til Dusk Pearl Harbor  
    They Rule the World
At sunset Native Americans Chicago princess
  Apache war dance Jewel in a crown
Canyon dawn Chicago apache Killarney castle
Columbus sunset Chief four fingers Knights in white satin
Magic dawn Dakota destiny Last emporer
Misty dawn Indian giver Louis the 16th
Peep of dawn Navajo blanket Paradise princess
September sunrise Navajo princess Prince Michael
Topguns rising sun   Queen city dreamin'
Tropic sunset Nature's Wonders Queen's coronation
  Blue mountains Regal warrior
Down on the Farm Breathless beauty Royal beauty
Cherry eyed pumpkin Canyon dawn Royal braid
Pastures of pleasure Hurricane swirls Royal exchequer
Piggy tails Mountain top experience Twin crown
Pumpkin kid Mystery valley  
Sweet pepper Nature's poetry Touched by an Angel
Swiss strawberry River ripples Acres of angels
  Seminole wind Angels delight
Flying High Twister time Angels in waiting
  Westward wind Cranberry angels
Frequent flyer   Golden angel
Getting airborne   Little heavenly angel
I can fly Notorious Truly angelic
Spacecoast fantasy flight America's most wanted Wings of angels
  Blue eyed bandit  
From Sea to Shining Sea Breakaway Winter Wonderland
Arkansas post Caught red handed Alpine snow
Banned in Boston Fooled me Early snow
Dakota destiny El desperado Ice carnival
Dixie land band Marauder Mountain snow
Houston 88 Nowhere to hide Pink snowflakes
Kansas kitten Pandora's box Red mittens
Michigan memories Pixie pirate Roses in snow
Panic in Detroit Scarface  
Pearl Harbor Smuggler's gold  
Pure Michigan    
Route 66 On the Wings of a Butterfly  
Savannah sunburst Blue eyed butterfly  
Sayville Butterfly cove  
Sears tower Enchanted butterfly  
Sedona Malaysian monarch  
  Mokan butterfly  
  Paper butterfly  
  Swallowtail kite  

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